Place Clean and Shine offers our clients the direct contracting of the cleaning service without the need to deal with the provision of personnel to manage the cleanliness of their employees’ areas, keeping work areas clean and impeccable day by day. We clean common areas, desks, meeting rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, and hallways.

Show Rooms

We focus the specialized services of Place Clean and Shine to make the showroom areas impeccable, shiny, and disinfected, making the clients of our allies feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. We linked cleaning the main showroom, desk areas, bathrooms, and lobbies


The sports culture is increasingly active in our society, for this reason Place Clean and Shine offers our associated clients cleaning and disinfection programs in equipment and common areas, guaranteeing its clients the best quality and asepsis for handling their equipment. We build cleaning plans in exercise areas, sports equipment and machinery, bathrooms, wet areas, and lobbies.

After Party / Event cleaning

Place Clean & Shine has a team of trained personnel to carry out the cleaning tasks requested by our clients. We seek that our services are timely and of high quality with the supply of personnel required for the daily cleaning operation in the areas required by our associates. Our staff availability is 7/24 to attend 100% your needs and we cooperate to the required capacity according to your needs.

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