Currently, because of the pandemic we are going through it has taught us to reflect on our lifestyle, we have seen the need to change our habits such as working at home, studying with our children at home, among others, cleaning Our homes have become one of the most important factors in our day-to-day life, since now we spend more time in them and we must improve the quality of our environment for each and every member of the family.

The use of ecological products creates a friendly conscience with the environment and our home. Our value promise is to maintain a clean and sustainable environment. That is why Place Clean and Shine has developed its ECS technology (Ecological Clean System)

Always seeking the least impact on the health of our families and the environment, Place Clean and Shine launches the new and innovative ecological cleaning service where the products used do not contain chemical substances, carcinogens or irritating alterations since the products used are exclusively of natural, vegetal, and mineral.


Your bathroom will smell fresh and clean thanks to the use of natural fragrances from certain citrus fruits and antibacterial cleansers such as saponin and green tea extract.

  • Cleaning of shower curtains
  • Tile cleaning
  • Countertop cleaning
  • Toilets
  • Sinks and shower floors


When you want to prepare your food for yourself or your family, you want your kitchen to be shiny and disinfected, Place Clean and shine will guarantee that this space meets your expectations.

  • Counter cleaning
  • Cleaning of greasy surfaces
  • Cleaning of cooking residues
  • Cleaning the outside of drawers
  • Exterior cleaning of household appliances


The floors of your house demonstrate the cleanliness and care of your home, whether it is laminate, wood, ceramic, marble, or tile. Leave it in our hands! With the support of our human team and the use of high-tech ecological products, we can guarantee that your floors, in addition to looking impeccable and shiny, it’s also safe for the children and pets at home.

  • Cleaning of wooden floors: rooms, halls, study room and library
  • Tile floor cleaning: bathrooms and kitchens


Crystals are the main instrument to transmit light into our home. A house full of light is a house full of life. Your guests will be surprised to see a warm and illuminated house. The care and cleaning of the crystals will help you to divide the spaces in it, you will save electricity, since they allow the natural light to come thru during the day.

  • Glass surfaces
  • Mirror

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