After a long day of work, you don’t want to come home to do more work, let our team take care of it. Place Clean and Shine offers its clients cleaning services that adjust to the different needs of each home, there is nothing nicer to see your house clean and with fresh smells and to be able to have a guaranteed rest.


Thinking about your day-to-day routine absorbs you and you don’t have time to tidy up your apartment; Place Clean and Shine offers flexible alternatives for care and cleaning in small spaces. We will carefully clean your apartment down to every corner where germs and grime hide with our cleaning technicians.

Residential Building

Clean and Shine offer our specialized cleaning service for residential buildings that need our help in areas such as common areas, meeting rooms, corridors, elevators, stairs, handrails, lobby and bathrooms.

After Party / Event cleaning

Recurring cleaning

. Once a month

. Every 15 days

. Every Week

Cleaning areas and approaches

Deep Clean

If you want to have a deep cleaning in your home, this is your best option, we will make your home cleaner and healthier, obtaining a more pleasant environment for your family and your visitors..


Clean counters

Cabinet doors with damp cloth

Wipe inside of microwave

Clean sink

Load dishwasher

Dust all surfaces

Clean the outside of the refrigerator, stove, and oven.

Floor washing

Empty trash


Vacuum floors, carpets, change bedding, remove dust from furniture, lift and straighten empty bin

Corridors and Stairs

Vacuum carpets

Vacuum the stairs

Cleaning dust from furniture

Cleaning dust from the railings


Wash and disinfect toilet, shower, bathtub, and sink

Change towels

Clean mirrors

Empty trash

Clean and disinfect floors

Living room and Dining room

Remove dust

Vacuuming furniture

Clean floor surfaces

Clean chairs

Clean tables


Clean the inside of the refrigerator

Clean the inside of the oven

Interior windows

Internal cabinets

Interior of cabinets

Move out

A moving process requires a lot of time between so many activities such as disassembling, packing, packing and being aware that all your things arrive in good condition at your new destination, when you finish leaving, you must leave your house in the best conditions to not have problems with your old landlord guaranteeing the refund of your deposit. Now, if you want to sell your old house, you must leave a good impression on your potential clients. PCS, supported by our team of cleaning technicians, guarantees that your house looks sparkling.

Move in

Place Clean and Shine is here to help; nothing better than arriving at your new home clean and safe for all the members of your family and that allows you to concentrate on what matters most «your new home». Our staff trained in deep cleaning will oversee cleaning and disinfecting absolutely every corner of the house, processes, and techniques of last generations; We will make your environment as pleasant as possible.

Special services

Place Clean and Shine offers specialized cleaning services according to places and specific needs of each home, such as:

  • Wall washing
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • Interior window washing
  • Floor washing
  • Degrease kitchen hoods
  • Remove dust from the cabinets
  • Lamp cleaning

• Pre House Sale Cleans

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